By taking advantage of our investment screening and shareholder advocacy efforts, you have the opportunity to exert influence over corporate policies and promote positive change by using your stock ownership.

One way is through the PAM Proxy Alert! Service, which provides your advisor with proxy recommendations as outlined in the 2013 PAM Proxy Guidelines. Talk with your advisor for more information on how you can participate.

We also collaborate with the socially responsible investment community to provide a way for shareholders, who are passionate about their beliefs, unite with like-minded individuals to exert influence on business practices, and promote greater transparency at the corporate level. In cooperation with our partners, PAM has helped clients file dozens of resolutions on a wide range of social issues.

Not many investment advisors have their work enshrined at the Smithsonian Institution. In 1997, PAM filed shareholder resolutions challenging Walt Disney Company to improve their suppliers’ labor practices. Shareholders, representing 39 million shares, voted in support of the resolutions and due to the resulting publicity, Disney posted a contractor code of conduct and pledged to ensure suppliers met certain standards. Our effort was recognized as a major step forward in the Smithsonian’s permanent exhibit, “Sweatshops in America.”

More examples of PAM’s advocacy work.