Socially Responsible Investing

Today socially responsible investing (SRI) is increasing its influence within the financial community in large part due to the competitive financial returns that socially-screened portfolios generate. See the chart here showing the performance of iShares MSCI LKD 400 Social ETF (DSI) benchmarked against the S&P 500.

For nearly 30 years Progressive Asset Management has regarded environmental sustainability, human rights, and good governance as part of the investment process. We believe that corporations which combine strong financial and social performance often make for better long term investments due to lower hidden risks in regulatory violations, litigations, boycotts, and strikes. Believing your investment should be governed by your definition of social responsibility, we’ll develop individualized standards and strategies to find the right fit for you.

Our social screening process offers hands on, personalized service covering most available investments. Analyzing as many as 60 objective quantitative measures and just as many qualitative areas, we can provide rigorous adherence to your values. Some more widely-used screens include: environmental impact, corporate governance and ethical practices, military contracting and/or nuclear weapons, sweatshops, outsourcing and fair labor practices, human rights and equal opportunity, tobacco, alcohol, gambling and adult entertainment, relations with repressive regimes, animal rights/product testing or other areas that are important to you.

Over the years we have teamed up with individuals and institutions to provide unique investment options that can have a direct impact on local communities by providing needed funding for housing, health care, and small business development.

ProgressiveTrack Investments™

With our nearly 30 years of experience in SRI, PAM has developed ProgressiveTrack Investments™, a suite of four socially screened index-tracking equity portfolios. With a solid eight year tracking record, these are the only index-tracking equity portfolios screened to meet the United Nations Global Compact ten principles of corporate responsibility. Each of the four portfolios tracks to a common benchmark; the S&P500 Value Index; S&P500 Growth Index; S&P400 Mid Cap Value; and MSCI EAFE International Index. ProgressiveTrack portfolios are also fossil fuel free, excluding the current carbon trackers list of top 200 oil, gas, and coal companies, as measured by reserves.  It is managed by two SRI screening and indexing leaders; PAM and Advisor Partners, and is offered with daily liquidity through the FolioFN platform.