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Progressive Asset Management, Inc. Initiatives

Offered the first low-income housing tax credit investments in California. (1988)

Initiated the “IRA That Cares,“ benefiting the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. (1988)

Broke the story nationally that a number of “environmental“ mutual funds included major polluters. (1989)

Collaborated with Merrill Lynch to launch the first environmentally screened unit investment trust offered by a major brokerage house. (1990)

Helped establish Sustainable Systems, Inc., (1993) a co-developer of business incubators, consultant on regional sustainable development, and co-coordinator of international conferences on building a sustainable economy.

Sponsored the “Lavender Screen“ to assess employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. (1993)

Promoted passage of selective purchasing ordinances in Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and Alameda County to boycott firms doing business with the repressive dictatorship in Burma. (1995-1996)

Organized Businesses and Social Responsibility: The Americas, a conference to launch a hemispheric socially responsible business organization. (1997)

Provided leadership in relation to tobacco divestment in Massachusetts and in California, including Oakland, San Francisco, El Cerrito, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Berkeley, Arcata, and San Mateo County, California. (1997-1999)

Assisted in the organization of Elected Officials for Responsible Public Investments and the Council for Responsible Public Investment, which received a $600,000 three year grant from the State of California Health Department to educate about tobacco divestment. (1998)

Joined in the formation of the California Coalition for Investor Responsibility and supported the formation of the Student Alliance to Reform Corporations (STARC). (1999)

Convened Bottom Line 2001, a ground-breaking conference to consider the link between social and environmental factors and the fiduciary responsibilities of institutional trustees. (2001)

Lobbied the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to force mutual funds to publish proxy voting guidelines and proxy voting records. (2003)

Expanded the geographic scope of the PAM Group to include more than 50 representatives in 20 states, making PAM one of the largest associations of FINRA Series 7-registered investment professionals that specialize in socially responsible investing (SRI) strategies. (2004)

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Mon, Jul 09, 2012 12:00 Progressive Asset Management, Inc. (PAMI: OTC Link) – Company Name Change – Progressive Asset Management, Inc. has changed its name to PAM Holdings Inc. The change goes into effect as of
Monday, July 09, 2012.

PAM Holdings, Inc. is now the holding company of Progressive Asset Management, Inc.  All shares of Progressive Asset Management, Inc. are now shares of PAM Holdings, Inc. The symbol PAMI has not changed. New CUSIP: 69763U105.


PAM, Inc. Reports Work in Support of
United Nations Global Compact Principles

Progressive Asset Management, Inc.'s (PAM) annual report detailing the work of both PAM and the PAM Group of Financial Advisors in support of the United Nations Global Compact has been submitted to the UN. PAM is the only registered retail brokerage firm in the United States that is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. Signatories to the Global Compact commit themselves to reporting each year on corporate activities in support of the principles of the Compact.

The UN Global Compact covers ten principles organized in four areas of concern: human rights, labor issues, the environment and anti-corruption. “We feel that the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, together with the Millennium Development Goals and the Preamble to the United Nations Charter form a universal declaration and definition of socially responsible investing. Since PAM is the only broker/dealer firm in the United States founded and dedicated to socially responsible investing, adherence to and promotion of the Global Compact is central to our mission,” stated PAM President Richard W. Torgerson in the report.

Founded in 1987, PAM formed a strategic alliance in 1999 with Financial West Group (FWG), a leading California broker/dealer, and formed the Progressive Asset Management Group (PAM Group). Today, PAM’s ground breaking social research, product development and RIA services are offered through members of the PAM Group.

The PAM Group is a national network of Financial Advisors who provide investors with a way to invest for competitive financial return and social and environmental progress at the same time. A complete range of investment services for individuals, organizations, families and institutions are offered through the group members’ relationship with FWG.

PAM’s Communication on Progress (COP) Report details services and resources made available to PAM Group advisors, the socially responsible investing movement and the general public covering all three pillars of socially responsible investing: social screening, shareholder action and community investing.

For example, PAM’s Social Screening Review Service analyzes companies on over 75 social and environmental measures, including each one of the issue areas of the Global Compact. Clients of PAM Group advisors are able to access that research in the form of customized portfolio review and design adhering to personalized social and environmental standards.

In addition, shareholder advocacy is a key tool investors may use to influence corporate decision making at the highest levels. PAM’s commitment to supporting clients in their shareholder advocacy efforts extends from filing a shareholder resolution in 1997 challenging Walt Disney to improve their suppliers’ labor practices to alerting PAM Group clients to important social issues in their investments’ proxy filings today.

To assist PAM Group advisors access sound community and high impact investments, PAM teamed up with the Calvert Foundation to create PAM Community Investment Notes, high-impact social investments supporting low-income housing, better nutrition and education, and micro-lending enterprises for disadvantaged people and their communities.

PAM’s COP report also detailed our unique Direct Investment Notes created with RBC Capital Markets. Our 2011 offering in this ongoing program consisted of stringently screened companies engaged in solutions to the global water crisis, and was constructed to adhere to the UN declaration of access to water and sanitation as a fundamental human right. Accordingly, this Note became the first water-themed investment in the world to screen out all private investor owned water utilities and other companies deriving their profits from the direct ownership of water resources. Client response to this program has been strong, investing over $9.5 million between the two notes created thus far. PAM Group clients have shown the SRI industry that there is a huge demand for stringently screened proactive investment addressing global priorities.

In addition, PAM’s Progressive Track Investments suite of portfolios benchmarked to well known market indexes became the first such programs specifically screened for UN Global Compact issue concerns. Screening out over half of the market capitalization of their respective benchmarks, Progressive Track Investments still significantly outperformed those benchmarks over the 4 year life of the program. (1) PAM also reported on its participation in many important advocacy campaigns through our active membership in the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, the Social Investment Forum, Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility, CERES Coalition and the Apollo Alliance. These efforts include important initiatives such as the Global Investor Statement on Climate Change, the United Nations Statement on Business and Human Rights, and demanding disclosure of corporate political actions in the wake of the Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision. Public policy initiatives supported include the proposed Employee Free Choice Act and California’s Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010.

Finally, PAM’s COP Report states PAM’s goals for 2011 to expand our efforts to further the Global Compact principles. Three areas are targeted: expanding social and environmental research on companies by incorporating more activist and community level information, enhancing our due diligence efforts to ensure that private equity projects meet the same stringent screening standards we demand of publicly traded corporations, and improving access to financial services across the economic spectrum.

For further information on these initiatives and our UNGC Communication on Progress Report, please contact your PAM Group advisor or access the COP Report at

(1) Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.


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